What’s for Lunch?

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GPA Lunch – September 2017

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
3. 4.

Labor Day– No school


School Closed


School Closed


School Closed


1/2 Day
Breakfast served

10. 11.

Grown Up Grilled Cheese w/Turkey bacon & 3 cheese OR Garden salad w/chicken & cheddar cheese goldfish crackers OR PBJ
Sides: Green Beans, Baby Carrots w/Light dressing, fruit


French Bread Cheese Pizza OR Buffalo Chicken Sand. OR PBJ
Sides: Corn, celery sticks w/ranch & fruit


Italian Hoagie on WG Roll w/Lettuce & tomato; Apple; Chocolate Chip cookie; fat free chocolate milk


BBQ Baked Chicken w/Corn Muffin OR Mini corn Dogs OR PBJ
Sides: Smiley Fries, baked beans, fresh watermelon, broccoli bites w/hummus


Chicken Salad Hoagie OR Italian Hoagie OR PBJ
Sides: Lays Potato chips, Mixed veggie patch w/hummus, fruit

17. 18.

Mini Pancakes w/sausage patty OR Hot dog a whole wheat roll OR PBJ
Sides: Tator tots, baby carrots w/dip & fruit


Hot turkey w/gravy over WG white bread OR Popcorn chicken Caesar salad w/goldfish crackers OR PBJ
Sides: Mashed Potatoes, cucumbers w/dip & fruit


Personal Pan cheese pizza OR Philly cheese steak on a torpedo roll OR PBJ
Sides: Corn, baked beans, celery sticks w/dip & fruit


School Closed


American Hoagie OR Tuna Hoagie OR PBJ
Sides: Tiny twist pretzels, mixed veggie patch

24. 25.

Mozzarella Sticks w/WG Pasta & Parmesan OR Garden Salad w/Chicken OR PBJ
Sides: Veggie medley, baby carrots w/dip & fruit


Soft shell beef taco with lettuce, tomato, salsa & sour cream OR Ham & cheese hoagie OR PBJ
Sides: Succotash, tomato mozzarella salad, cucumbers w/dip & fruit


Chicken tenders w/a plain bread stick OR Buffalo chicken salad OR PBJ
Sides: waffle fries, toasty bean bites, broccoli bites w/dip & fruit


Fajita chicken teriyaki over brown rice OR Mini corn dogs OR PBJ
Sides: Steamed broccoli, celery w/dip, fortune cookie & fruit


Chicken Ranch Wrap OR Fajita chicken Caesar sand. OR PBJ
Sides: Lays Chips, Mixed veggie patch w/dip & fruit

BREAKFAST Strawberry or Apple Cinnamon Nutri Grain bar w/Fruit, juice & milk Cinnamon or Strawberry Pop tart with fruit, juice & milk Orange Mini Loaf w/Graham Crackers w/fruit, juice & milk Mini Cinnamon Rolls w/fruit, juice & milk Kellogg’s Assorted cereal bowls with mozzarella cheese stick w/fruit, juice & milk

Download a PDF of the Menu