Tuning In To Biofeedback

//Tuning In To Biofeedback

Tuning In To Biofeedback

GPA student working with therapist on NeurofeedbackWe asked Claudia Faucher, RN, a nurse at GPA, about the biofeedback program at Garfield Park Academy.

Q: What is biofeedback?

A: Biofeedback uses non-invasive computerized technology to help students learn to manage their stress responses. Special instruments and sensors are used to measure heart rate, respiration, and temperature with the purpose of “feeding back” this information to the student in order for them to control these processes.

Q: How does it help students?

A: Biofeedback helps students be more aware of the mind-body connection and self-regulation. These relaxation skills have an overall effect on the body. It can be very helpful with stress, anger, and anxiety.

Q: Why is it part of the program at GPA?

A: Our goal with biofeedback is to help students become more aware of their emotional state, how it feels in their body and to transfer this knowledge into the classroom and daily life. The data shows that it really helps.

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