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Preparing Students for Success When They Return to District

Joe Brogan, a case manager at Rancocas Valley Regional High School, knew that when T’s social and behavioral challenges and difficulty maintaining positive peer relationships, were having a negative impact on her academic work, she needed a different approach. He and others on the IEP team turned to Garfield Park Academy for placement when T was in middle school.

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A “Growing” Interest in Learning

Horticulture Center at Garfield Park Academy. The center functions as a quiet oasis for students, where they can connect with nature and get their hands dirty. Students learn patience and how to care for plants through hands-on earth science lessons. They also learn career skills: the classroom is set up to run as a full-service flower shop, so students learn about marketing, salesmanship, order taking, and cash register operation.

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Sensory Room Brings Calm

A brand new sensory room is helping students improve self-awareness and explore self-regulation strategies. Used increasingly for students on the autism spectrum and those with sensory integration issues, the multisensory environment consists of an array of lights, sounds and tactile experiences that can be adjusted to individual preferences.

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Driving Ambition at GPA

Learning to drive is a right of passage for American teens, and those at GPA are no exception. This year, Michael Gill, Physical Education teacher, worked with a group of Juniors and Seniors to get them ready to take the written portion of the New Jersey drivers test.

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Wiggle Room Helps Make Learning Easier

For many students with ADHD, learning disabilities, and autism, excess physical energy can be distracting in the classroom. When the expectation is that students remain still and seated, sensory integration dysregulation issues can look like a behavioral problem. GPA has helped solve the problem with new sensory-friendly classrooms.

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Momentum Transition Program Internship

Twice a week, Dan, who is on track for a June, 2017 graduation, dons his uniform to go to Meineke. There, he works under the supervision of another mechanic as an intern. A job coach from GPA attends with him, helping Dan adjust to new situations, and acting as a ‘go-between” to help him problem-solve and interpret work situations.

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