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Girl at a computer at Garfield Park Academy - A private special education school in Burlington County NJGarfield Park Academy offers approved special education programs at its Elementary and Middle School, High School, Vocational School, and its Extended School Year (ESY) Program.

Boy studying in the library at Garfield Park Academy - A private special education school in Burlington County NJOur Elementary School and Middle School provide a safe, supportive and positive environment for students aged 5-14. A highly qualified, certified teacher and two instructional aides work together in each classroom. Our comprehensive curriculum includes lab sciences, social studies, health and physical education, and can be modified to challenge every student, including our gifted learners. Small classes, individual attention and evidence-based instruction allow our students to succeed where they previously struggled.

Our High School has a comprehensive state-approved curriculum of academic, vocational, social and life skills that prepares students for adult life – not just for college or a job. Our transition services support students through the challenging years of adolescence and young adulthood.

GPA’s state-approved ESY Program is available for both GPA students who require ESY services and for those students who attend other schools whose IEPs call for ESY services.

For the college-bound, we offer application assistance, test prep and support, as well as college scholarships. Students receive counseling services for a full year after they start college, to ensure a smooth transition.

Our State-approved Vocational Program is one of the most successful in the state, offering courses designed to assist students in job placement during school years and beyond. Many of our programs are nationally-recognized.

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