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Tip Toeing Through Text: StoryWalk

StoryWalk, a concept created by Vermont educator Anne Ferguson, is a fun and innovative activity that places the pages from a children’s story along a route in the community, on the playground, or inside the school building. It helps build children's interest in reading while encouraging healthy activity.

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Driving Ambition at GPA

Learning to drive is a right of passage for American teens, and those at GPA are no exception. This year, Michael Gill, Physical Education teacher, worked with a group of Juniors and Seniors to get them ready to take the written portion of the New Jersey drivers test.

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Jonathan Noriega ’12

Private First Class, Jonathan Noriega returned to Garfield Park Academy this winter. The 2012 graduate met with staff and students, reflecting on what he learned at GPA. He took questions about hard work, life in the military, and how GPA helped turn his life around.

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